Brandon Brophy, Founder of ViP

All Professionals, Canada, Founders of ViP, Toronto

Brandon Brophy directs Singer’s Edge, a downtown Toronto vocal development community featuring expert voice coaches and regular performance opportunities. He has coached with Juno Winning international recording artists such as The Weeknd, Alyssa Reid, My Darkest Days, and Hollerado, and continues to work with singers and voice coaches around the world. He is author of The Singer’s Instinct, a vocal development program used as curriculum by many music departments internationally. He has taught at Colchester Institute for the Performing Arts, a division of Essex University, and was instrumental in changing the voice coach training program at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London, UK.

ViP is a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists.