Dolly Kanekuni, President of the ViP Board

All Professionals, Board Member, Hawaii, Kekaha, Management and Core Team

Dolly Kanekuni

Kekaha, Hawaii

Contact: (808) 652-1323

Dolly is a vocal coach of 27 years based in Hawaii. She spent 15 years in Los Angeles, where she studied Speech Level Singing Technique with Seth Riggs and several of his associate teachers (Chip Hand, David Stroud, Greg Enriquez). 

In 1993 Dolly moved to Kauai, Hawaii to raise a family and has been very fortunate to work with students in Hawaii and remotely worldwide. In 2000, she became one of the seven founding members of Maestro Riggs SLS Teacher’s Association where she held the highest Level (5) certification for five years, and served on the Education Management Team. She was invited back to Los Angeles for eight consecutive years to teach private lessons at the SLS International Performance Summer Program. She continues to deepen her knowledge of vocal pedagogy as an authorized instructor for Vocology in Practice (ViP) and currently serves as President on their board of directors. 

Dolly’s worked with every theatre company on Kauai as either Musical Director or Vocal Coach. She considers every student an artist and is passionate about providing the tools they need to achieve their vocal goals. She also serves as President of the Hawaii Children’s Theatre and performs at special events, in musical theatre and sings with several convention bands. When not teaching, performing or furthering her vocal knowledge she can be found learning songs on a sun-drenched beach on Kauai.

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