Erika Noot

All Professionals, Canada

Erika Noot is an Edmonton, Canada based singer, dancer, actor and voice instructor. Currently belting it out with Alberta’s Hottest Cover Band, Uptown or with the Performance Company, John Cameron Entertainment, known for producing the largest shows in Edmonton benefiting local charities. Erika’s passion for performing began at a young age and led her straight to the MacEwan Theatre Arts program where she graduated in 2006 and since has performed in many musicals throughout Edmonton. She was also a featured vocalist for Royal Caribbean Cruise Productions. Erika’s passion doesn’t end on the stage, though; she is a credited voice teacher and performance mentor, owner and instructor at One Voice Vocal Studio. Erika’s experience with a variety of vocal styles and genres combined with her knowledge in voice science and pedagogy lends well to her teaching style as she encourages and assures singers that their voice is truly and amazing instrument and they CAN master it!

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