Gregg Consentino, Treasurer ViP Board

All Professionals, Board Member, California, Management and Core Team

Gregg Consentino

San Jose,CA




Phone: 011-408-268-2742

Gregg Consentino is a Northern California based vocal coach who has been providing private instruction to clients of multiple ages and styles for more than 9 years.

His innate ability to make people comfortable allows him to lead his vocal clients to discovering not only their hidden vocal potential but the performer that is often hidden within.

He has personally studied with  many of the industry’s top vocal educators as well as some of the industry’s most respected business professionals.  Prior to becoming one of the first Authorized Vocology in Practice Instructors, he was a certified Speech Level Singing instructor for many years.

His cliental ranges from artists who perform on Warped tour to those who participate in local children’s musical theater, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals.

Gregg has served in the positions of lead singer, lyricist and Worship Leader.  He has taught at the VocalizeU Artist Intensive in Los Angeles California and as Mentor Manager for Vocology in Practice he is responsible for the coordination and management of the mentoring program that oversees the educational guidance of all Authorized VIP Instructors.

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