Holliann Archer

All Professionals, Utah, USA

Holliann McDougal Archer

771 E Pioneer Road, Suite 200

Draper, UT 84020



Phone: (801) 550-3288

Holli has been privately teaching piano and voice since 2007 and is especially dedicated to educating herself further in vocal instruction. Holli is excited to keep learning and keep improving herself and her students. 

Holli is currently serving as the Operations Director for Vocology in Practice, as well as serving on the Board for the Salt Lake City Chapter of the Utah Music Teacher Association. She is an active member in PAVA, NATS, and other organizations that enhance her teaching, but nothing is quite like the support that is ViP. 

Holli’s performing career began at age 3 over a pulpit in her church, continued for 8 years with Clayton Productions, during high school with various choirs and solo competitions, all while taking piano lessons and studying voice with Mindy Pack for about 10 years. Holli graduated from Brigham Young University in 2011 with a major in Genetics & Biotechnology and a minor in Music. She was able to perform with the BYU Women’s Chorus throughout her college career and always supplemented her science schedule with music lessons in organ, guitar, piano, and voice. She is happily married to David Archer since July 2011 and is currently living happily ever after with him, their 2 children, and their bird, Francisco.

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