Idan Liberman

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Idan Liberman is a veteran Israeli rock singer, musician, and voice teacher. Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Idan is an active musician, performer, songwriter, and educator. 

As a singer, Idan has been singing his favorite rock tunes from an early age, exploring the sounds, musicality and techniques of this demanding, dynamic, and diverse vocal style. He established the alternative rock group Oceanic, which has toured in Europe and released a critically-favored album. He has since continued writing songs for various projects, as well as performing regularly on various stages in Tel-Aviv’s vibrant music scene. His vocal and musical influences range from rock and metal, through surf and pop, to musical theater. He holds an M.A. in American literature, which serves to open new lyrical horizons.

As a voice coach and educator, Idan has studied some of the world’s most advanced techniques and approaches, and prefers a multidisciplinary, science-based, and yet holistic approach. He takes great care to assess the person as he or she is at a given moment, and gently but firmly guide him/ her to a better vocal (and therefore, usually, emotional) condition. He continues to learn, practice and develop as a singer and teacher.


Contact Info

[email protected]


5B Asherman St.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

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