Nicole Gill

All Professionals, London, UK

Nicole works with anyone from signed artists and professional voice users to complete beginners. Anyone is welcome in the studio so long as they have a passion to sing and are willing to put in the practice hours.

Nicole works hard to provide a comfortable and supportive environment. She encourages singers to step out of their comfort zone, whilst developing an awareness of vocal technique. Having worked as a personal assistant for young people with severe disabilities, learning disabilities and epilepsy for the past 7 years alongside studying to be a vocal coach; Nicole is no stranger to the skill of being intuitive, hardworking and dedicated. She utilises her skills in nurturing people and her passion for voice to help clients develop their real potential.

Nicole is currently researching for an MA in vocal pedagogy, keeping herself on the forefront of voice research. Having just finished an essay on growl and vocal distortion, she plans to continue to study extreme vocal effects within metal and rock genres with special attention to vocal distortion. With there being such little primary research available for metal vocalists, Nicole’s current goal is to bridge the gap between popular music and extreme vocal styles, to provide extreme style vocalists access to information on practical vocal technique and pedagogy in their genre.


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