Yoshiaki Kokubo

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Yoshiaki Kokubo (Yoshiaki Kokubo) http://kokubovoicetraining.com/

Born in 1983. Studied in Rikkyo University Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics graduate.

Vocology In Practice (ViP) certified instructor

VT Artist Development affiliation artist Developer

Speech Level Singing certified instructor (December 2012 January to 2013)

Worked with ViP founder of Dave Stroud, Wendy Parr’s master instructor, Greg Enriquez’s SLS master instructor, studied with Spencer Welch’s IVA master instructor.

Armed with highly advanced technology utterance, until the example of bad utterance from a good vocalization, possible to carry out the lessons in the demonstration of high quality regardless of gender. Jazz, pop, rock, visual kei, Heavy Metal, musical, etc., corresponding to all genres. In addition to singing method also, music theory, guitar playing, and a wide range of technologies such as DTM production, are blessed with knowledge. A number of musical and stage, the TV experience in childhood. YAMAHA singer Competition national tournament finals.

In the wake of that trouble that it was a long-standing problem, “a thin voice,” “wither immediately throat” was improved by the voice training of the SLS, in order to give a lot of people the impression that his obtained, as a voice trainer It started its activities. SLS certified voice trainer after two years experience, and further asked the leap can be environment, currently working as a certified voice trainer of ViP. One of the most hectic voice trainer in Tokyo to teach the month about 90 people regardless of Pro-Am.

He once worked in an advertising agency, he held management and team management and administration of web consultant team. With the development experience of all types of human resources.

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