Yuri Hirose

All Professionals, California, Los Angeles, USA 

Yuri Hirose is a vocal coach, singing teacher and singer-song writer based in Los Angeles, US. She had over five years of experience in teaching as voice trainer and as well as piano. Yuri was born and raise in Japan. She began to play piano since she was just 3 years old. She start singing and composing melodies for contests during her high school life, and she got an award. This experience made her passion for music. In her younger years, Yuri trained in classical singing and piano from her coach at Tokyo University of Arts, but her passion for singing pop and jazz took over her and she became professional Jpop singer and songwriter. Yuri got her first job as aged 18, appeared on Hirakawa publisher TVCM. And at the same time, she had her documentary program on TV broad casting company based on her interviews with Japanese entertainer. Yuri has created and recorded television theme/ending songs such as “KAB weather forecast”, “Pachipure TV-R”, “Killer tune”, “5 channel”, “Tokyo de ganbaruto iukoto”, “Sesamin E+”. One of her own Album”My Confession” hits Tower Record Weekly Ranking No.1, Yuri got a award “TOKYO TOP10” by Katsuya Kobayashi (NACK5). She also had a own radio show “live LIVE life”at FM station. She has featured radio shows in all over japan such as NACK5, KAWASAKI FM, FM TOYOTA, YOKOTE KAMAKURA FM, MINOO FM, RKK. While her time at university, sold 1,500 records within a 90 days period project. This was during a self-tour street performance all over Japan, she was able to accomplish her goal in 61 days. In 2015, Yuri first time came to Los Angeles for recording, touring, pursing music while her career in Sony Music Japan. She featured with Naoko Ken, Ryuji Aoki, also appeared in the news paper “The San Diego Union-Tribune”. Once she came back to Japan, and started to appear on the movie “the sacrifice” by Yoshinori Matsugae, news reporter for the government “Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare”. She decided to move back to Los Angeles to pursue more music. Yuri coaches from her studios in Los Angeles while long-distance students can take singing lessons over the internet. She continues to deepen her knowledge of vocal pedagogy as an authorized instructor for Vocology in Practice (ViP), teaching vocal and piano from beginners to professional singers on vocalization methods and singing styles.

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