David Harris

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David Harris

Conductor/Vocal Artist/Composer/Voice Educator

David Harris (DMA) specializes in new music, American music, and the intricacies of communication in singing and choral conducting.  Living in Los Angeles, David is the co-founder and director of VoiceScienceWorks.  Together with his partner, Laurel Irene, he helps vocalists learn to translate difficult voice science into immediately applicable tools.  He is the Director of Music at the First Congregational Church in Los Angeles where he directs the professional ensemble Laude, the Cathedral Choir, and the Commonwealth Community Chorus for children and teens.  He is also a founding member of C3LA, The Contemporary Choral Collective of Los Angeles. In Boston, in addition to leading the College Choir and Chamber Singers at Holy Cross, he began Triad: Boston’s Choral Collective, a group that specializes in contemporary choral music, and sang bass in the LidaBros barbershop Quartet.  In New York, David served as the assistant director to Harold Rosenbaum’s Canticum Novum, conducted the Columbia University Glee Club, sang and conducted in C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, conducted the Brearley Singers and Chamber Orchestra, built a men’s choir at the Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, and taught middle school boys at the Collegiate School.  While in Boulder, David began Jubilate, a 50-voice a cappella touring choir, served as chorus director for the Boulder Bach Festival and associate artistic director for the Denver Bach Society, in addition to producing concerts of his own work. David is a voting member in the Pan American Vocal Association, the first professional organization devoted to vocology, and studied with Ingo Titze at the NCVS Summer Vocology Institute in Salt Lake City.  As a composer and arranger, David writes primarily for the voice, often including instrumentation.  His works draw from the range of techniques and approaches available today, striving in particular to integrate stylistic elements from across genres into a recognizably pleasing, yet new experience.  As such, his pieces often include the rhythmic underpinnings of contemporary popular music with traditional choral textures.  He is a regular soloist with several ensembles around Los Angeles. Upcoming features include ensemble director of the N.E.O. Festival for new music and conductor for the Exploratorio premiere and conducting Hadyn’s “Creation” for the Great Works on the Great Organs concert.  David earned degrees from the University of Alabama, Oklahoma, and Colorado and is published in multiple journals.


At VoiceScienceWorks we take contemporary research on the voice and translate it into directly applicable information so that voice users can immediately apply it in their daily practice.  We do this primarily through our website, voicescienceworks.org, through VoiceScienceWorks Workshops, and in our own private teaching.  In addition to giving talks at vocology, choral/vocal, and acoustics conferences, we have presented workshops at colleges and other institutions around the country including Harvard University, Oregon State University, University of Southern California, Curry College, and Portland State University.

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