Katie Combs

All Professionals, Florida, USA

Great music is a beautiful blend of art and science. It is timeless. It can challenge us, inspire us, bring us joy and break our hearts. Its reach is unique and mysterious.  While it may not be necessary to define the mysteries of why music speaks to us so universally, there is a great need for artists to understand the science of how music and the voice function, as these tools can greatly enhance their craft.  With an emphasis on vocal health and a basic understanding of the mechanics of the voice, singers can apply this knowledge to grow in strength, range, dynamic and tone while still maintaining and developing a signature style. Katie C Vocal and Artist Development can equip singers, speakers and writers of all ages with the practical tools necessary to improve their craft.

In addition to teaching, Katie is a published songwriter, has created multiple children’s and young adult scripts and full musicals for live theater, written and consulted on numerous curricula and provided scripting and marketing materials for a wide variety of commercial projects. She also works freelance as a director, private vocal teacher, acting instructor and choreographer.

Katie offers lessons to singers of all ages and stages of vocal development. Whether you want to increase your stamina and technique as a professional performer, win an audition or sound better in your church choir, each lesson is designed to help you reach your specific goals. Lessons incorporate targeted muscle training with an emphasis on vocal health and stamina, while maintaining your unique style and artistic approach.



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