Laurel Irene

All Professionals, Delaware, Science, Medical & Health Advisor, USA

Laurel Irene

Vocal Artist/Voice Educator

Laurel Irene (MA), Los Angeles-based vocal artist and voice researcher, specializes in bringing new compositional works to life with vocal repertoire ranging from Monteverdi to Mozart to the wacky, wild, and extreme sounds of the 21st century. With incredible vocal range, agile flexibility, and intense emotional connection that stretches from playful to unhinged in the span of a page, she draws on her expertise in vocal research to heighten unique timbres, textures, and vocal expressions . Recent features in the Los Angeles area include The Industry/LA Phil New Music Group (John Cage’s Europeras 1 & 2), LACMA Sunday Evening Concerts (Dominick Argento’s Letters from Composers), The Box Gallery (Nice Day for the Races opera premiere), Monday Evening Concerts (Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians), The MARS Festival, Poulenc’s La voix humaine (CSULA), and The First Congregational Church, L.A. (G.B. Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater and Faure Requiem). A recent winner of the Beverly Hills National Auditions, she also regularly performs with chamber and vocal music ensembles across Los Angeles.

As an avid voice educator and founder of the educational organization, VoiceScienceWorks, she gives voice workshops at conferences and collegiate settings across the United States and Europe including the Pan-American Vocology Association, American Choral Directors Association, Acoustical Society of America, Harvard University, College of the Holy Cross, California Institute for the Arts, University of California Los Angeles, and Cornish College of the Arts.

Ms. Irene is an alumna of performance programs at the California State University of Los Angeles, USC Thornton School of Music, Oregon State University, New Music on the Point, Cortona New Music Sessions, and the Summer Vocology Institute. Upcoming projects for 2019 include Ragnar Kjartansson’s Biss, a twelve hour loop of Mozart’s final scenes from The Marriage of Figaro (REDCAT Fluxus Festival), and multiple performances at the N.E.O. Festival (Los Angeles).


At VoiceScienceWorks we take contemporary research on the voice and translate it into directly applicable information so that voice users can immediately apply it in their daily practice.  We do this primarily through our website,, through VoiceScienceWorks Workshops, and in our own private teaching.  In addition to giving talks at vocology, choral/vocal, and acoustics conferences, we have presented workshops at colleges and other institutions around the country including Harvard University, Oregon State University, University of Southern California, Curry College, and Portland State University.

ViP is a global network of elite voice professionals, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists.